Friday, September 30, 2016

Ha'aderes V’Haemunah - Kumzitz with Rav Hilel Paley

Leading up to the days of Rosh Hashana, Song writer Rabbi Hillel Paley teaches the Nigun "Ha'aderes V’Haemunah" to the students of the Yeshiva in Ramat Gan. The Nigun seems like an altered version of the Chabad Nigun Ha'aderes V’Haemunah (also recorded on Tzlil V'Zemer volume 1).

Video by Nathan Ibgui.


Unknown said...

Its a very popular niggun, sung in shuls all over. I don't think he was claiming it as his own - his goal is to uplift the tzibbur and uses any niggun. A low ego person.

Jewzic said...

I agree that it sounds like the altered version. I prefer the Chabad/Tzlil V'Zemer version.

Does Rabbi Paley say that he composed this one?