Friday, September 16, 2016

Dvar Torah Parshas Ki Seitzei 5776

Parshas Ki Seitzei - Rabbi Aryeh Royde

Rabbi Lankry - Parshas Ki Seitzei

Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY- Ki Teitzei: Make a fence around your thought.... So you can enjoy living with yourself.

Rabbi Shimon Semp  - Ki Teitzei: Powerful mind altering Torah from Reb Tzadok from Lublin

Rabbi Shimon Semp  - Ki Teitzei: When you pray and He answers... - Powerful story from Reb Pinchesl Koritzer

Rabbi Shimon Semp  - Ki Teitzei: The path to Temimus

Ki Teitzei - Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Parkslope, Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Parshah Ki TeiTzei - The Ethics of War - A personal war is one waged within to overcome the enemy of temptation and selfishness. It requires strategy and alertness.

Parshas Ki Seitzei: "Battle Strategies" - Rabbi Aba Wagensberg

Parshas Ki Seitzei - Rabbi Fisch of Etz Chaim.

Parshas Ki Setze 5776: The Power To Return - Rabbi Moshe Snow.

Rabbi Yehuda Stern- Parshas Ki Teizei

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