Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blev Echad Makes This Special Child's Wish Come True

Two weeks ago B'lev Echad hosted a huge extravaganza, a day full of fun, a concert with Simcha Leiner and Baruch Levine, and much more....

At the event Six year old Chesky born with a rare disease known as OI (Brittle bone which every wrong move with the child can cause tissue and bone failure) was brought up to the stage and was asked, what he would want Blev Echad to do next.... his answer was no more then that he would love  a trip to Uman before he turns the age of 7!!!

As he said that, we all thought this would be impossible but right on, B'lev Echad excepted the request and started working on it as if it was nothing,  the phones became busy with phone calls, calling the travel agents, taking care of all the medical assistance needed for such a trip, contacting the airline to work out it should  be safe for Chesky to fly, a special car was reserved in Ukraine for all the medical machinery  (oxygen, wheelchair accessible etc..) a special hotel room was reserved as well to accommodate all these needs.

And finally the day arrived B'lev Echad had made reservations for Chesky and both his parents to go with their son on his dream trip....a special volunteer with EMT also went along with them in any case of need, Chesky arrived to Ben Gurion airport and was he headed straight down to the gate where he boarded his flight LY2653 to Ukraine....... The joy on Chesky's face is indescribable, tears of joy were on the faces of the ones joining the trip!!

Finally after a 4 hour flight they landed in the Ukraine airport, where there was waiting the van reserved for Chesky's needs,  right on they headed towards Mezhbiz where they spent the weekend and Shabbos by the Bal ShemTov. Sunday morning after a small trip in a local kids park, Chesky and his parents arrived to Uman......
This was the moment they were all waiting for, Chesky in his wheelchair literally wanted to jump out and run to the Kever of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov,  tears were on all In the room at that moment, a young disabled child saying Tehillim with such a joy, Chesky accompanied by his father said the famous Tikun Haklulli written by Rabbi Nachman, and prayed for the health of Chesky and on behalf of the whole Klal Yisroel,

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