Sunday, September 25, 2016

Airbus Family Formation Flight

They man not twist and turn with the grace and dexterity of the Red Arrows display team but these Airbus pilots did a fine job, considering the size of their planes.

Four of the monster aircraft took to the skies this week for a 'family' display - consisting of the A380, A350, A330 and A320neo.

In a perfectly synchronized show of power and control, the quartet flew in a row and banked in unison, as seen in this amazing footage.

The dazzling display marks 25 years of Airbus's 'commonality' feature.

This refers to the similarity of computer systems deployed across the fleet - such as 'fly-by-wire' electronic controls - which makes pilot training, operations and maintenance easier and more efficient. The formation flying would have proved quite a sight from their windows, had there been passengers on board - and these planes have room for plenty of those.

The two-class A380, for example, can hold a staggering 615 travellers on two spacious decks.

Emirates was the first airline to order the original A380 and is the largest operator of the aircraft, carrying almost 47million passengers since the revolutionary aircraft was introduced to its fleet in 2008. The A320neo - as in 'new engine option' - first flew in September 2014 above the skies of southern France, amid high demand for its promised fuel economy. The neo is a mid-range jet that generally seats up to 180 passengers.

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