Monday, August 29, 2016

Yonatan Razel - Neve Tlaot - Music Video

Neve Tlaot is Yonatan Razel‘s new single ahead of his new album, that comes 5 years after his last album “Bein HaTzlilim“. The last album reached platinum status and included the hits “Katonti”, “Hagaagua”, “Bein Hatzlilim”, and “Ashira”. The album also won the song of the year award from ACUM in Israel and Idud Hayetzira award from the government of Israel.

The new album due out in the coming months will include 12 songs all written, composed, and produced by Yonatan himself.

Lyrics: Harav Yitzchak Kiali and Yonatan Razel (with inspiration from the sources)
Composition: Yonatan Razel
Musical Production: Yonatan Razel and Alon Yofe

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