Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Jaw Dropping Footage: Jets Flying Just Feet Above Heads

Vacationers visit the Greek island of Skiathos for sun, sand and spirits, but nothing fascinates them as much as this attraction.

Tourists gather at the edge of the island's airport every day to experience the thrill of a passenger jet flying just above their heads.

This jaw-dropping video shows just how close visitors can get to planes as they touch down on the island in the Aegean Sea.

Footage shows crowds standing directly under the flight path as plane's belonging to Thomas Cook, Italy's Blue Panorama Airlines and Poland's Enter Air approach the runway.

Aircraft take off from and land at an airport on the eastern edge of the island, where the short runway is bookended by the sea. The location makes for stunning scenery for those on board and a memorable experience for those who are brave enough to stand directly under the plane's path. Signs warn people of the dangers and urge them to 'keep away from aircraft blast', yet some choose to ignore the warnings.

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