Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Incredible: Woman Run Over by Her Own Car, Survives

This is the bizarre moment a woman runs herself over with her own vehicle after forgetting to put it in park before getting out. A dashcam captured the peculiar incident as the woman waited at a set of traffic lights in Burlington, Washington.

The video shows another motorist pulling up alongside the driver and gesturing to her that her petrol cap is open. The woman realises what the motorist is getting at and exits her vehicle as the light goes green. Her intention is to quickly shut the fuel cap before returning to her car, but she forgets to put it in park as she opens her door.

As she gets out of the car it suddenly starts to roll across the junction.

Attempting to rectify her error, the woman abandons her decision to close the fuel cap and instead tries to get back in the car. She gets the door open and throws one leg inside before losing her balance and falling. The woman is then pulled under the car as she continues to drop to the ground, while her heavy 4x4 continues to roll forward. Within seconds the car has rolled over her, crushing her legs against the road, before it continues to travel across the intersection.

Other motorists can be seen leaving their vehicles to help her, while another driver indicates to cars on the road that the rolling 4x4 is without a driver. The woman looks to be in pain and suffering from shock when she is finally helped to her feet by two concerned motorists.

Meanwhile her car, which made its way to the other side of the junction without hitting another vehicle, comes to a stop against a tree. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene following the incident.

The woman did not suffer any injuries and was able to drive home in her car.

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