Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dudi Kalish & Yedidim - Musei-Ven - Music Video

A heartfelt prayer for redemption:

Master of the world, When will your kingdom rise again over Zion? Speedily in our days, and eternally shall you dwell within us, Amen.

מתי תמלוך בציון בקרוב בימינו לעולם ועד תשכון

Performed by: Duddy Kalish and Yedidim Choir
Executive Producer: Yanky Orlansky
Composed and arranged: Duddy Kalish
Audio Production: Chaim Gottesman at: Zmirot Studios
Choirs recorded at: Blue Rhythm Studios
Direction and Editing: R. Sharf
Produced by Sharp Productions
Project by GCNY Marketing
Special thanks to Sruly Fischer

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