Sunday, August 28, 2016

Boy is Wedged Between Two Cows

This young boy's interview was hilariously upstaged by two cows

A panicked little boy was nearly crushed between two cows on live TV – all while his friend delivered a straight-faced interview.

A young boy with blonde hair was being interviewed at a cattle farm while a fellow youngster tended to two cows in the background. As the blonde child spoke, his friend suddenly became trapped between the two animals.

The entertaining antics all unfolded during a live interview on TV.

While the serious interview goes on, it is the scene behind the boy which draws everyone's attention.

The desperate youngster frantically tries to free himself, using his elbows as he fights to escape the vice-like grip of the two mighty animals. His red, grimacing face can barely be seen above the unforgiving animals' backs as he pleads for help. All of this takes place as the blonde child being interviewed talks about an upcoming local sports event.

At one point, the trapped child even disappears entirely from site, such is his uncomfortable predicament. Eventually, a woman intervenes and lifts the struggling youngster out.

The red-faced boy immediately walks away, appearing incredibly deflated and embarrassed.

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