Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Prisoners Bust Out of Jail To Save Jailer

When Texas inmate Nick Kelton saw a jailer whom he considers a "good man" slump over in front of his holding cell, it never occurred him him not to help. Along with the other inmates with whom the guard had been joking just moments prior to suffering an apparent heart attack, Kelton did just that. The self-described meth addict made the decision to become one of the inmates who saved the guard's life by breaking out of their shared cell and making enough noise to alert officials to what could have been a deadly situation,

The incident actually went down on June 23, but media outlets learned of it a full two weeks later, when the Parker County jail publicized the raw footage of the approximately eight shackled inmates busting out of a holding cell and rushing toward the armed guard, many of them in black-and-white-striped jumpsuits. Their intentions were anything but nefarious, although they're well aware of how the situation could have been perceived.

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