Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bros Avrumi & Shea Berko - Boeis - A Berko Prod

Performed on March 26 by A. Berko Productions and Shea Berko at the simcha of Yeedle Deutch for family and friends of Hatzalah.

Music arranged by Avrumi Berko
Sung by Shea Berko
Composed by Dudi Kalish

Avrumi Berko Keyboard
Motty Feldman Guitar
Ben Holmes Trumpet
Justin Mullens French Horn
Ron Bertolet Flute
George Zorko Trombone
Stanislov & Co. Strings
Garbie Tomasei Percussion

Music Mixed by A Berko
Vocals mixed by Tzvi Blumenfeld
Live sound by yossi Rosenberg
Stage manager hersh meilich Miller

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Anonymous said...

Didn't realize Avrumi sings so well. Very talented.