Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bear Somehow Breaks Into Car, Gets Locked Inside

Colorado deputies received an usual animal-related call on Tuesday morning when they responded to a report of a bear that somehow locked itself inside a car.

Deputies Josh Tillman and Brian McLaughlin of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene that morning and were baffled by how the bear got trapped inside the parked Subaru.

Annie Bruecker, 17, had reported the incident to police after she was about to head to work but found the animal inside her car.

The teenager also noted that she did not lock her car when she came home on Monday night, and said she would not be surprised if the bear had somehow opened the door and let itself in.

Authorities said the bear had clearly been inside the vehicle for a while due to the moisture on the windows. They also noted that due to its size, they wondered if a mama bear was nearby. deputies said after some deliberation, they decided the safest and quickest way to free the bear was to open the hatch.

However, this proved to be a challenge since none of the door's opened easily following the bear's destruction inside the car, which deputies noted included ripping off the door panels.

Deputy McLaughlin had to manually open it while Deputy Tillman stood nearby with his shotgun just in case,' the news release said. 'Thankfully once the door was open the bear had no interest in deputies, only in getting back into the wild.'

In the video, the bear was filmed running from the trunk of the car and into some nearby woods. The rescue mission took about 20 minutes.

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