Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ATV Cruising Toddlers Caught Taking Highway Joyride

When Monday’s police car chase on a main Israeli highway was over, the ATV-driving duo terrorizing Route 60 in southern Israel was let off the hook with a warning.

And possibly sent to bed without dinner.

That’s because, in this cute-looking but dangerous escapade, the pair racing down the southern Israel highway at a reckless 20 miles an hour were under three years old.

The brazen driver — decked in a headscarf and the master of a surly lip-curl — and his nervous-looking little cousin holding on for dear life were spotted by police tackling the road in their toy ATV.

A police dashboard cam captured the chase.

In the video, two kids were first seen smack in the middle of the highway, then swerving off to the shoulder, police car in tow, and later pulling over.

The children were taken by police to a traffic control center as cops located their parents, members of Israel’s Bedouin community. The father of one of the children was subsequently held for questioning.

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