Monday, June 27, 2016

Your Chance to Win a Tesla, Jet Membership or 50K!


The summer months are particularly expensive for any Jewish family. Aside from the Yomim Tovim preceding and following the summer, this season entails camps, new wardrobes, entertainment, and missed days of work to tend to our (bored) kids. So for the average family, well...let’s just say the majority of us are not out shopping for luxury cars, yachts, or jets at this juncture.

Having a budget can't stop you from dreaming! This year, as you’re soaking up the sun, you can forget about your diminishing wallet and think about flying on a private jet! You will have the chance to live your dream, while simultaneously helping to provide financial stability and dignity to thousands of Jews who cannot afford even the basic of necessities.

The Chicago Chesed Fund, founded in 1987, services Metropolitan Chicago with more than 40 programs and services with the singular goal of providing personalized, immediate assistance to over 4,000 struggling individuals. Within their 44,000 square foot warehouse, they offer a wide array of programs and services, aimed at battling hunger, preventing eviction and homelessness, and providing needy families with basics such as furniture and clothing. Their flagship program is the food pantry, which has helped them become one of the largest food distribution centers in northern Cook County. Under the direction of HaDayan Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, the Chicago Chesed Fund continues to assist hundreds of Jewish families every year.

While the organization’s original annual budget was $100,000, the amount of families in need of immediate help has risen dramatically. 29 years later, the budget is at over $5 million! They desperately need our help!

With the desire to help each of these families get back on the road to independence, the Chicago Chesed Fund is now reaching out to the international Jewish community. The Friends of the Chicago Chesed Fund, a concerted group of individuals from all spectrums of Judaism, have created their annual Chicago Chesed Fund Raffle to benefit this incredible organization. In addition to last year’s exceedingly popular Tesla Model S3 prize, they have added the option of winning $65,000 of Private Jet Airfare*!

The drawing will be held on Labor Day, September 5, 2016. A maximum of 3,999 tickets will be sold! A cap on the number of entries means your chances of winning are increased, but don't wait too long! The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances of winning. Interested participants can find out more information or purchase their tickets on this page.

Joining the raffle not only gives you a chance at a taste of true luxury, more importantly, it earns you a share in the Chicago Chesed Fund’s vital mission: to help local families in need with discretion, dignity, and respect.

*Winner of the raffle, which will be drawn on Labor Day (9.5.16), will be presented with the choice of either a brand new Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model X, valued at up to $83,000, or $65,000 of Private Jet Airfare. Alternately, winner can choose to receive $50,000 cash. Terms and conditions apply. See website for details.

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