Wednesday, June 01, 2016

World's Largest Glass Bottom Viewing Platform

A new transparent viewing platform suspended at 1,300 feet high in Beijing has become a tourist hot spot as visitors flock to walk, lie or do push-ups on the glass panes.

The awe-inspiring structure is a part of the Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge scenic in Pinggu District, Beijing.

The breath-taking observation deck opened to the public on May 1 and has quickly drawn the attention of daredevil tourists. Chinese media, have claimed that the astonishing attraction is the largest glass-bottomed viewing platform in the world. The platform is 4,470 square feet in size as it protrudes more than 107 feet over the edge of the cliff face it's set against.

In comparison, the glass-bottomed observation deck at the Grand Canyon in the USA is 70 feet long.

The enormous structure is composed of a glass-bottomed walkway leading to a circular viewing platform.

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