Monday, June 06, 2016

Meshorerim Choir - Shir Hamalos (Hallelukah) - Acappella

From the footage of a recent Bar Mitzvah in the Velchovitz Hall in Monsey featuring the beautiful harmony of the Meshorerim Choir, we're proud to present to you this video of the song "Shir Hamaalois" originally known as 'Hallelukah' - composed by R' Meshilom Greenberger for the album Chavraya by the Neilender Brothers.

Choir Arranged and Conducted by: Aba Berkowitz
Sound by: Yoely Greenfeld
Mixed and Mastered by: Aba Berkowitz
Video by: Motty Engel

Choir Members:
Aba Berkowitz
Chaim Green
Yoely Freund
Moshe Feder
Chaim Blumenfeld
Shlome Wechter
Yoely Kornbly
Mayer Loeffler

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