Friday, May 27, 2016

Wild Scene: Dozens of Men Chase Car in Williamsburg

Police say that no arrests have been made yet in a bizarre incident that sent a 9 year old Williamsburg boy to the hospital yesterday after being struck by a car speeding down a local sidewalk.

The incident took place at the southwest corner of Rodney Street and Lee Avenue at 4:10 PM .  A black Toyota Camry that had left the roadway and was driving on the sidewalk reportedly circled the block more than once before striking the child.  The victim, who complained of substantial pain to his right foot, was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

Police tracked the vehicle by its license plate and said that it is believed to be a rental.  Police confirmed that no one is in custody at this time and said that their investigation is ongoing. The incident was one of four complaints filed yesterday in the 90th precinct involving persons leaving the scene of an accident.

According to WABC reports, the car took the sidewalk after shopkeepers called the police to report that its two occupants were attempting to pass obviously counterfeit $20 bills at local stores. Witnesses said that once police were called, the men fled to their car but were unable to escape the area because of rush hour traffic that left them stuck on Lee Avenue.

Trapped by several individuals who tried to prevent the car from leaving, the driver backed onto the sidewalk and took off, forcing terrified pedestrians in the busy shopping area to jump out of the way, while shopkeepers pounded on the car and pelted it with garbage cans.

At one point, after finding himself cornered, the driver reversed direction, hurtling backwards down the sidewalk.

“It’s a miracle that only one person got hurt,” said onlooker Joseph Langsam.

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