Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Y-Studs - Seder - Music Video

Based on "Thriller", originally recorded by Michael Jackson
Music and original lyrics by Rod Temperton and Quincey Jones
Adapted lyrics written by Jonathan Green, Nathaniel Ribner, Kevin Perlitsh, Jason Katz, and Jared Ehrenreich
Arranged by Ed Boyer
Lead vocals performed by Nathaniel Ribner, Jason Katz, and Uri Garber
Recorded by Mordy Weinstein
Edited by Danny Ozment
Mixed and Mastered by Ed Boyer
Produced by Jonathan Green, Jason Katz, and Nathaniel Ribner

Video shot, directed, edited and produced by
Shlomo Weprin - Shlomotions
Additional direction provided by Jonathan Green, Jason Katz, and Nathaniel Ribner

Choreographed by Ethan Graham
Costume Design by Beth Selter
Makeup Art by Aliza Selter

Y-Studs A Cappella:
Akiva Abramowitz
Jared Ehrenreich
Josh Eisenberg
Uri Garber
Jonathan Green
Jason Katz
Jake Litwin
Gedalia Penner
Kevin Perlitsh
Nathaniel Ribner
Eitan Rubin
Ilan Swartz-Brownstein

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Seder, Seder night

Passover's tonight, all the guests are coming through the door
Let's have some fine wine, you say the Kiddush on four cups or more
Wash your hands clean, but with a blessing this time you don't make it
You grab your greens and dip it in the salt water
but why?
tears from your eyes

'Cause this is Seder, Seder night
and break the middle Matzah, hide it somewhere out of sight
You know it's Seder, Seder night
It's when we tell the story of our labor
Seder tonight, yeah

The Pharoah's cruel plan, we realize there's nowhere left to run
We look to God's hand, with all ten plagues the damage has been done
We close our eyes, and hope that He's our ticket to salvation
but all the while, we're trying to leave Egypt far behind
this is our time

'Cause this is Seder, Seder night
With Moses as our leader and the Torah in our sight
Yeah this is Seder, Seder night
We're running from our lives from the enslaver, hater, tonight

Now at the red sea, it splits so we rush to the other side
Enemies chase us, they're swallowed by closing tides
(Onward we ride) Am Yisrael Chai

Now say a Bracha, you wash your hands preparing for the food
Reveal the Matzah, eat bitter herbs alone and sandwiched too
Lean to the side, and fill yourself with grub and Afikoman
It's Bentching time, you welcome Eliyahu at the door
Who's up for more?

'Cause this is Seder, Seder night
We're praising God together and we're singing through the dark night
Seder, Seder night
It's how we come together for a neighbour
waiter, catered seder
here tonight

'Cause this is Seder, Seder night
Connect with our tradition, tell the story of our harsh plight
We're yearning for redemption at the
Seder, Seder, OW!

We were all once slaves in a foreign land
400 years of sweat, tears, and sand
At the end of the day God chose our nation
To embark on a journey, a mass emigration
With great wonders we were saved from our affliction
Receive the Torah, legacy for generations
Israel ahead, we were on our way
Next year Jerusalem we say until this day
To family and friends we open up our doors
Matzah, Gefilte, Manishewitz galore
That wherever we settle, be a nation of light
That although we suffer, we know God will make right
Song, food, and stories, you just can't desist
The power of tradition no mere mortal can resist
Four cups later, lean left and you waver
Feel the magic and the wonder of the seder

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