Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unsuspecting Snowboarder Chased by a Giant Bear

Snowboarder Kelly Murphy thought it was just another normal ride down the slopes of the Hakuba 47 winter resort in Japan as she happily sang along to Rihanna while filming a selfie video.

But when she later reviewed the footage she found she had missed a dangerous encounter with a bear by only a few meters after it chased after her.

Or at least this is what the footage appears to show, as her video seems so remarkable that it may all be down to some sly editing where the charging beast has been carefully added in.

The rider, dressed in red winter gear, then begun to ride down the slope by the city of Nagano in the misty conditions.

A large moving creature can then been seen on top of the mountain over her shoulder. 

Then amazingly, after she held the camera out to film her descent, a bear can be heard roaring and then seen sprinting after her. It appeared to continue to follow her as she carved her way through the snow before it gave up shortly before she came to a stop.

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