Monday, April 18, 2016

Tiger Has Appropriate Reaction Being Rudely Awoken

A two-year-old girl having fun mimicking a tiger's roar at Dublin Zoo got a fright when two of the big cats gave her a sample of the real thing.

The toddler's close encounter was captured on film by her mother, Linzi, and begins with her wandering next to the tigers' enclosure as two of the big cats snooze and prowl around inside.

She makes pretend tiger roars as she walks next to the perimeter glass.

One of the tigers is asleep and, as the other approaches it, the young girl walks closer, roaring as she goes.

Suddenly, the tiger that's walking around pounces on the napping feline, which isn't at all happy at being disturbed. It swipes at its friend's face and the pair roar loudly as they scrap.

The noise sends the little girl running in the opposite direction yelling 'mummy!'

Meanwhile, the now wide-awake tiger bares its teeth and, low to the ground, forces its tormentor backwards. By this point the two-year-old is begging her parents to leave the enclosure.

it concludes with the second tiger, who now appears to be oblivious to the situation, having a drink from the lake before walking up to higher ground.

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