Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Throwing a Ball Through a Mirror

The internet has been stunned by a mind-bending optical illusion where a man bounces a ball to and from himself using a mirror.

A viral video shows Kevin Parry from Oregon throwing a ball to himself sparking debate online how it can be possible.

The mesmerizing footage begins with Kevin wearing a white shirt in the bathroom at his family home in Portland, Oregon. He grips a green bouncy ball in one hand while filming himself in the mirror with his phone.Then for an enthralling trick Kevin throws the ball against the mirror and films as his reflection catches it.

The illusion is created that he is bouncing the ball to and from himself in a parallel universe.


Anonymous said...

It's no mirror, it's 2 people throwing to each other, show me proof that it's a mirror.

ruskerrebbe said...

how can there be a sink on both sides if it's not a mirror

Anonymous said...

if u study it closely its the same shot being played again

Anonymous said...

for the keen people ,its the same two shots being replayed