Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sympinny - Eliyahu Hanavi - Music Video

Presented to you by Welch’s Manischewitz and BenHesh Studios.

A Sympinny Band Production

Song composed, written and arranged by Pinny Ostreicher
Lead Vocals - Pinny Ostreicher
Backup Vocals - Shabsi Broyde, Chaim Bokchin
Opening commentary - Tal Halevi
Official recording musicians:
Pinny Ostreicher, Gustavo Amarante, Chaim Bokchin, Shabsi Broyde.
Mixed and Mastered by Ruli Ezrachi
Vocals recorded at Blue Rhythm Lable

Cinematography - BenHesh Studio's
Directed by - Chaim Moskowitz
Assistant director - Miriam Kohnfelder
Edited by - Chaim Moskowitz
Main Camara operator - Chaim Moskowitz
2nd camera operator - Even Cohen
Crew assistance - M. Kohnfelder, Matt Bonvissuto, Z. Perrero

Location Brooklyn NY USA - Candor Capital LLC

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