Sunday, April 17, 2016

One of Oldest Video Footage of Jerusalem

This video is a segment of the full 70 minute documentary “Jewish Life in Palestine”, filmed by Noah Sokolovsky of the East Odessa Company in 1913 to be shown at the 11th Zionist Congress.

Sokolovsky filmed in Tel Aviv-Jaffa (just four years before all the Jews of that city were expelled by the Turks), Petach Tikvah, where oranges are being picked and sent to Jaffa for export, religious Jews on the Sabbath in Zichron Yaakov the famous vineyard and winery town, the building of the famous Technion University in Haifa, the northern settlement of Rosh Pinna, the Sea of the Galilee, Tiberia and much more.

The company and film producer Sokolovsky spent 2 months filming and then created a movie translated into 3 languages for the Congress. After being presented at the Congress the film was lost. Interestingly enough, the original negatives of the film were found in 1997 in France. Restored by Israeli historical documentary filmmaker Yaakov Gross, the movie was shown at Jewish film festivals and reviewed by the New York Times.

This segment of the movie shows the ride on the train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount where Jews were not allowed to enter, Chassidic Jews at the Western Wall (“Wall of Tears”) on Passover, biblical sites east of the Temple Mount, the gravesite of Simon the Pious (from the Mishnaic period), school children from the Mizrachi “Ezra” schools, classes at the Bezalel School of Art of the Hebrew University.

The movie is narrated by famous singer and actor Yehoram Gaon and is truly a historical treasure not to be missed!

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