Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Jewish Leaders in Paris Speak of Community in Fear

In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe several of which targeted Jewish institutions some politicians and religious leaders have predicted an exodus of Jewish people from the continent. In some ways, the numbers stack up. Last year, a record 8,000 Jews arrived in Israel from France with another 15,000 coming from Eastern Europe.

But some critics argue that reports of Jewish flight are overblown; they accuse Israel of taking advantage of fears in Europe to attract new immigrants and serve the interests of the Israeli state. "We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in February 2015. "I would like to tell all European Jews and all Jews wherever they are: Israel is the home of every Jew."

VICE News heads to Paris to speak with representatives from the Jewish community about a reported rise in anti-Semitism in the French capital. We talk to the director general of CRIF, an umbrella group of Jewish organizations, who says anti-Semitic attacks have increased and Jewish parents are pulling their children out of public schools. He also suggests that mosques in France should be monitored by the French government.

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