Monday, April 04, 2016

Flying Chainsaw

A group of Finnish filmmakers have stepped up to the plate, hanging a petrol-powered chainsaw underneath a DJI S1000 octocopter drone. The resulting craft nicknamed Killer Drone, of course  looks like something from a sci-fi horror film, charging around snowy fields and bursting open the heads of unaware snowmen.

However, this maniacal creation probably isn't as dangerous as you might think. I mean, yes, it's still a chainsaw attached to a drone, and so isn't really suitable for the under-fives, but the video itself has been edited to make Killer Drone appear more killer-y. It manages to chop down some icicles and a few branches (perhaps), but it bounces off the slim trunk of a tree — presumably the drone just doesn't have enough thrust to apply any real pressure with the chainsaw. In the end, it's even taken down by a handful of balloons (presumably set up for target practice) that get tangled up in its rotors.

The takeaway is: if you're chased by a chainsaw-wielding drone in the future, just throw a blanket over it and watch it fall to the ground.

Oh, and make sure it doesn't sneak up behind you

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