Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dad Gives Son Instructions How to Turn on the Vacuum

A mischievous father takes full advantage of his son's domestic ineptitude in this viral video.

Having clearly never even come close to a vacuum cleaner before, the young lad foolishly listens to his dad's advice on how to turn the machine on.

Missing key clues such as the fact he is holding a plug in his hand, the boy pulls the vacuum's extension cord as if he were starting a boat engine.

Needless to say, his efforts prove fruitless, but his dad offers him gentle encouragement to keep going while he films the struggle.

The machine proves a mystery to the young boy

After several attempts, dad finally puts his son out of misery and tells him to try plugging the contraption into the wall.

With a resigned tone, the father is heard saying: "Connor, it's not a motorbike."

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