Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crane Carrying A320 Aircraft Crashes

This is the shocking moment an Air India plane A320 came crashing down next to a busy airport.

The aircraft was being moved by a giant 200 tone crane which collapsed suddenly next to the Hyderabad Begumpet Airport in India.

Incredibly, no-one appears to have been injured in the potentially disastrous incident.

Officials said the 70 tonne (CHK) A-320 aircraft, which is not in service, was being moved out of the airport to the Air India training academy when the bar of the crane bent, before it toppled over - taking the plane with it. The aircraft crashed on the boundary wall of a private property next to Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad this morning. Both the crane and the aircraft were left severely damaged.

Air India was transporting the Airbus A320 aircraft from the Begumpet Airport hangar to the nearby Central Training Establishment.

In the footage, shocked bystanders can be seen running to safety as the plane lands on the ground in front of them.

Air India authorities said they had hoped to use the aircraft to train flight attendants, engineers, pilots and aviation security personnel.

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