Monday, April 11, 2016

Baby Smiles in Delight Seeing His Mom for the First Time

The heart-warming moment a baby saw his mother clearly for the first time has gone viral. In a sweet video, baby Leopold Wilbur Reppond can be seen breaking into a huge grin as he catches a proper glimpse of his mother after receiving glasses.

The youngster suffers from a rare disorder called oculocutaneous albinism, which affects the color of a person's hair, skin and eyes, and means he is unable to see properly. Following his diagnosis his parents invested in a pair of prescription glasses, which look set to transform his life for the better.

"Hi honey!" Leo's mum can be heard saying after putting his glasses on. As the baby looks up to his mother he flashes a huge smile with the realization that he can see her properly for the first time.

The youngster grinned as he saw his mum clearly for the first time

When Leo smiles his family can be heard gasping, with a male voice saying: "Oh, he's smiling."

His mother adjusts the glasses and Leo looks down while his vision adjusts, before looking back up and giggling. viewers are touched by the emotional family moment.

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