Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Toddler Falls Out of Van on Busy Highway

A terrifying video has emerged from China of the moment a young child fell out of the boot of a moving vehicle onto the road.

The footage was captured on a dash cam on the car behind in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, on the morning of February 27,

Luckily the driver, identified as Jiang, immediately stopped, preventing the little boy from harm. The boy's grandfather, Yang Defu, was unaware he had fallen out of the back and drove on without stopping. The silver people carrier had been stopped at the traffic lights when the incident took place.

Dash-cam footage showed the young boy, who looks to be around two years old, slam onto the middle of the road when the boot opened. The boy rolled on the floor, got up and started running towards the vehicle.

However, the vehicle was driving off without him.

Stunned, the boy stood looking on as if unsure about what to do next.

One of the passengers in the car behind identified by his surname Jiang, got out of his vehicle, picked the child up, and returned him to his grandfather. The grandfather explained that the boot door had been damaged in a previous collision and would occasionally fly open on its own. Child safety seats are not common in China, and according to People's Daily, and child mortality rate from traffic accidents in the country is extremely high because of this.

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