Sunday, March 06, 2016

Shimmy Goldstein - Shema Yisroel - Music Video

This song was created during driving towards Bournemouth, England With children with autism and Down syndrome sponsored by the Tikvah Organization in London.

Srulik Morgenstern and Shimmy Goldstein , we received a phone call that their had been an attack at the Damascus Gate . At that moment we decided to create a song that can express the feelings of all in a pleasant way.

Song and lyrics by Shimmy Goldstein and Srulik Morgenstern.
Music arranged by Avi Kraus.
Studio Club H Studio.
Video by Munch Media.
A helping hand. Meir landau and Benji Gefen.

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Unknown said...

hi shimmy it was amaizing the song
lol,the goldsteins in lakewood