Monday, March 21, 2016

Secret Mission Brings Yemen's Jews to Israel

In the midst of the bloody war in the country, 17 Yemenite Jews landed in Israel last night. They were rescued in a complicated operation, which was conducted by the Jewish Agency and made possible by the US State Department. The group of Yemenite Jews was transferred to a 3rd country from which they arrived in Israel.

Among the 17 new immigrants was Rabbi Saliman Dahari who arrived with his parents and his wife. Dahari, who brought with him believe to be an over500 year old Torah scroll, met his children upon arrival at an absorption center in Israel.

The US State Department and US government officials helped plan the complex covert mission. Officials from the Jewish Agency have been guiding the group of Yemenite Jews for the past few months and last night, the new immigrants were greeted by them upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.

In addition, Channel 2 News discovered that 1 of the parents of a new immigrant was the victim of an anti-Semitic stabbing recently. Currently in Yemen, only a few Jewish families who refuse to immigrate to Israel remain.

PM Netanyahu Meets New Olim from Yemen

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Anonymous said...

with the state steal their kids and put them on kibbutzim and cut of their peyos or will they take care of them