Sunday, March 27, 2016

Purim 5776 Around the World

Police join Purim dancing in Williamsburg, NY - Purim 2016

Mea Shearim

Purim ancing on the streets of London

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Purim London 2016 dancing with rabbi Osher schapiro & deputy mayor of London

on the streets of Golders Green

Purim in Bnei Brak

בקבר יהשע בן נון

Megilah reading with Rabbi Jungreis, Nikolsburg Rebbe of Boro Park
More of with Rabbi Jungreis, Nikolsburg Rebbe of Boro Park
At Chabad of Odessa
Neturei Krata Burning the Israeli flag during Purim March 24, 2016 in Monsey, New York Phyllis Terrace Corner Maple Ave. Not Sure why they celebrate Purim, when they always seem to by on the side against the Jewish people.
Purim 5776 / 2016 at The Flatbush Minyan
Awesome Purim costume
Reb Hilel in Lakewood
Shaarei Tefilah Purim Party - עת לרקוד

Midwood, Brooklyn

Far Rockaway NY

A Very Gruss Purim- Gruss YU Kollel Shpiel 5776-2016
Yeshivat Hakotel Shana Bet Purim Shpiel 5776

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