Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pre Purim 5776 Music

Hit That Haman - Purim Video ft. Chaim Bhatia, Mendel Goldman and Leibel Muchnik
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Kippalive - Mission Purimpossible 
Eyal Twito & Mendi Jerufi Purim Medley - מתוך המופע "טובים השניים" באולמי "מופת" ברחובות Layehudim - Hillel Kapnick - This song was composed while learning the Megillah and imagining the intense joy felt by the Jewish People as the news of Haman's plan being overturned spread throughout the land. BMAD Wilkes Purim Music Video. By the students of Yeshivas Beis Menachem in Wilkes-Barre. Music by Shimi Levy. Full music track of Purim Mix 2016 by Shimi Levy Yossi Desser - S'Git Far Mir (ס׳גיט פאר מיר). Purim Shpiel! - Origin: from the play "Selichos Nacht in Kiev - סליחות נאכט אין קיעוו". Sung by Boruch Haas. Yehuda Green Pre Purim Kumzitz In Detroit - 2016/5776 - Yehuda Green performing live at the home of Detroit Askan, Rabbi Bunny Freedman. The performance, which took place on Motzei Shabbos, March 19, was held in preparation of Purim 5776.

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