Saturday, March 05, 2016

"Mazal Tov" & "Lo Yemalet" - Uri Davidi

The Sympinny Band
Vocals - Uri Davidi
Keys - Pinny Ostreicher
Bass Guitar - Gustavo Amarante
Drums - Shabsi Broyde
Electric Guitar - Chaim Bokchin
Sax - John Tendy
Trumpet - Ben Holmes
Sound - Yossi Blumenberg
Mixed by Pinny Ostreicher
Video by Motty Engel

A special thanks to:
Eli Marcus for his amazing new hit song "Mazal Tov" and for allowing us to use the new arrangement by Yoni Eliyav.

And a special thanks to Boruch Sholom for his amazing new hit song "Lo Yemalet" arranged by Pinny Ostreicher.

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