Thursday, March 17, 2016

London Hatzolah - Around the Year - Musical Presentation

Sunday February 21 2016

Conducted and produced by Yanky Erlanger

Piano - Yoely Orgel
Vocals – Ari Kalish, Berish Abeles, Binem Gluck, Moshe Stern, Shimshi Neuman, Yossi Schiff.

Adult Soloists - Shlome Gertner, Motty Greenwald, Shayele Gluck, Motty Strom, Shmilly Steinmetz, Shlome Erlanger.
Child Soloists – Shlome Domb, Yisroel Moshe Gluck

Hatzola Northwest, a 24/7 community service, operating 365 days a year to provide a swift response to medical emergencies in the immediate area.

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