Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Libi" - Blue Melody - Benny Friedman

Be inspired by this powerful ballad, originally performed by Shuki Sadon and composed, produced, and arranged by Udi Damari, truly reflects the resilience and hope we have as a united people during these difficult times. Blue Melody and Benny Friedman come together once again to bring you this emotional and stirring rendition of "Libi."

Vocals: Benny Friedman
Performance: Blue Melody Group
Originally Performed By: Shuki Sadon
Arranged by: Udi Damari
Transcribed by: Eli Lax

Production: Eli Lax & Chaim Rosenblatt
Mix & Master: Roar Recording (Aryeh Kunstler)
Video & Edit: Motty Engel

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