Friday, March 18, 2016

Dvar Torah Parshas Vayikra 5776

Va'eira - theocentricity vs egocentricity: Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry

Rabbi Benny's Hilarious Torah Thought - The One With the Temple Deli - Vayikra
Why does the Torah consider the donations of simple firewood made to the Mishkan as it's own independent sacrifice, as well as it being tremendously celebrated? In this hilarious Torah thought, discover the unique quality that the wood for the Karbonos of the Mizbeach had, as well as the meaningful lesson we are taught, about the offering of our very selves to Hashem. Enjoyed watching the video? Do you have any meaningful day coming up? Why not use the great opportunity to help sponsor an episode... Check out for more info.

Small Enough to be a Leader - Being a leader requires greatness, but this week's Parshah teaches us that greatness goes well beyond the scale...
Oorah's Thursday-Thought series continues with a thought-provoking look at the Torah portion of this week, Parshas Vayikra, featuring TorahMates Coordinator, Rabbi Mordechai Horowitz.

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