Sunday, March 13, 2016

BlueRhythm Presents: Musical Moments - Bni Bni

Watch this 18 piece orchestra playing the world famous composition of the "Kedushas Tzion of Bobov" (1874–1941), who was the second Bobover Rebbe, and was tragically killed by the Nazis in 1941. His classic and heartfelt tune was gorgeously rewritten, arranged and conducted by Tzvi Blumenfeld in honor of the 10th annual dinner of Bobov 45 mosdos which took place in The Palace in Brooklyn.

Production by: Blue Rhythm Label
Music Arranged and Conducted by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Project Manager: Reuven Gross
Song Composed by: The Kedushas Tzion Zatz"al
Live Sound and Recording: Shy Clyman
Edited and Mixed: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Video Edited by: Motty Engel

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