Monday, February 22, 2016

Pedestrian Dodges Crashing Truck by Centimetres

A pedestrian has had an incredibly lucky escape following a dramatic crash between a truck and a car.

Footage taken from the dash-cam of a car stopped at traffic lights shows the moment the HGV flies through a red signal at a busy junction and smashes into a passing car. The crash sends both vehicles spinning off into opposite directions - but just as they collide, a man is seen crossing the road in front of the dashcam.

The out-of-control truck hurtles straight towards the pedestrian, who barely has any time to react. Somehow he manages to step deftly past the truck, before diving to safety as it misses him by mere centimetres. The pedestrian is then seen lying on the floor amids the crash debris, shaken but somehow still alive.

The dramatic moment happened in Hwasung, South Korea, earlier this month.

The conditions of the people traveling in the two vehicles involved is unknown.

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