Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Italian Reporter Goes Bananas

 It was only a matter of time before he went bananas.

An Italian soccer reporter flipped out after being taunted live on air by a fan with an inflatable fruit.

The journalist was covering the final day of the European transfer window for TV station SportItalia when the man started harassing him with the inflatable banana.

And although he tried to keep his composure outside Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, his frustration quickly got the better of him, The man poked the reporter in the face with a gigantic inflatable banana as he was live on TV The Italian reporter eventually snapped and hit the man with the banana after being taunted.

After being poked and prodded in the face several times as he speaks directly to camera, the reporter finally snaps and grabs the prankster’s weapon of choice before beating him with it.

Update: Turns out this was a prank. Click Here to watch.

Behind the scenes wit the banana prank


Anonymous said...

he is a famous Italian actor. Its a joke

aron said...

its a prank