Tuesday, February 09, 2016

How To Lift A Torah Like A Boss

Chaim Yisrael is new the newest member of the Shuland is honored with Hagbah. What could possibly go wrong?

Camera/Edit - Ben Roif
Production Assistant - Shmuly Levitin
Gabbay: Jake Turx
Chaim Yisrael - Meir Kalmanson
Torah Reader - Moishy Wilshanski
Shul Goer: LA Rosenzweig
Kid: Chaim D. Berns


Anonymous said...

I really hope a kashure Sefer Torah was not used for this skit.

Kavod HaTorah said...


This is a first! Using a Holy Torah for a Video?!? Please remove this video. What a bizayon!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Using a real Torah for a comedy skit???

Anonymous said...

this is a chillul hashem take it down and the makers of the video should also take it off you tube BIZAYON HATORAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A recent YouTube video has crossed the line in its attempt at humor and has caused a horrific bizayon haTorah – literally.

Essentially, the piece, in an effort to create a humorous video, depicts someone who has difficulty lifting the Torah almost dropping it. He goes home to work out and eventually comes back to do the Hagbaah, but this time does an effective job. The only thing is that the second time he was not called for Hagbaah, but for Shlishi.

The problem with the video is fourfold:

1] It is using a real genuine Sefer Torah for a different purpose – this degrades the Sefer Torah which is clearly forbidden by Halacha.

2] The first scene also has the person pretending that he cannot hold the weight of the Torah and swings it to and fro as if it was a “close call” and almost falls. This is also a disgraceful use of the Sefer Torah and is forbidden

3] The video also depicts the horrific abuse of the gartel of a sefer Torah, where it is actually used to wipe the brow of the actor, rachmana litzlan, to make the point that he is nervous in the act of Hagbaah.

4] The video was filmed in a shul that demands a certain level of sanctity and decorum rather than frivolous behavior.

- See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/384668/a-bizayon-hatorah.html#sthash.IKcdzFXZ.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Please take this video down its not kovod for a torah

Anonymous said...

Where's the terrible/disgusting button? I want to vote too!