Sunday, February 07, 2016

Hide And Seek From a Toddler’s Perspective

Extreme sport enthusiasts use GoPro cameras to capture awe-inspiring footage of themselves bungee jumping, white water rafting and free running.

But Dan Iverson, has found a rather ingenious use for the device: to film an adorable game of hide-and-seek with his young son.

The toddler - who had the equipment strapped to his forehead - can be seen searching around the house for his parents as they watch on a live feed from their phones.

The short video begins with the child frantically running from room-to-room and peering in different closets. He then stands on the landing, seemingly pondering his next move. the little boy then storms into his playroom and looks around. The family dog Ollie then helps the youngster out by sitting outside the wardrobe his mother and father are hidden in.

The tot then swings open the door to finds his parents squatting down and in fits of giggles.

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