Friday, February 12, 2016

Dvar Torah Parshas Terumah 5776

24 Karat Jews - The "Mishkan" (Tabernacle) was truly golden, but what do the unique methods of its making symbolize for the Jewish people?
Oorah's Thursday-Thought series continues with a thought-provoking look at the Torah portion of this week, Parshas Terumah, featuring TorahMates Coordinator, Rabbi Chaim L. Marmorstein. Based on the words of the legendary Lakewood Mashgiach of Lakewood, Rabbi Mattisyahu Solomon, may he have a complete recovery and live till 120.

Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Parshas Terumah

Rabbi Benny's Hilarious Torah Thought - The One With the Tent - Terumah - Why does the Torah dedicate so much content towards the building of the Tabernacle in the desert? It was a temporary structure that we will never again need physically, so why so much mention? Discover the incredibly inspiring message that the Tabernacle gives to us living in our own spiritual deserts in the 21st century, while laughing along with Rabbi Benny and his family's hilarious sketches that color the Torah thought.
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Terumah - a relationship built on trust: Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry - Right after accepting the Torah blindly Hashem asks the Jewish people to build a dwelling place for him here on earth. How do these ideas connect that Hashem's dwelling place comes right after the Jewish people's proclamation of Naaseh V'nishmah? In this episode of Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry we explore the power of trust in a relationship.

הרב מוטה פראנק - פרשת תרומה ביידיש - בלבבי משכן אבנה - Parshas Terumah - Yiddish

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz - This week's Torah thought is dedicated in memory of my student Ezriel Simons, who passed away this week far, far too young. Ezriel was charitable, kind and an amazing friend to so many. May his memory forever be blessed.

Weekly Torah Portion With Rabbi Lau - Parashat Terumah from Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.


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