Thursday, February 11, 2016

Couple Swept Away By Unexpected Beach Waves Survives

This elderly couple were lucky to be alive after they were swept out to sea when winds of 86mph created a 15ft swell while they were on the beach

They were rescued by a passer-by who plucked them to safety during a furious storm at the seaside.

The couple, were rushed to the hospital following their horrendous ordeal at the storm-ravaged Porsguen beach in Ploudalm├ęzeau , Brittany, on Monday.

And a nail-biting video shows their dramatic struggle to survive.

The storm, known as Imogen in the UK, battered parts of France's Atlantic Coast with winds reaching speeds of 86mph. In this clip a Parisian tourist, Olivier Lou, is seen smoking a cigarette at the beach wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket while another unknown person films. Seconds later a pair of pensioners , aged 75 and 76, are seen walking towards the water before the waves thunder forward and propel the man out to sea.

As the woman lets out a blood curdling scream, Mr Lou attempts to rush into the water to save them from waves that measured as high as 15ft. He struggled to save the pair and mercifully they were then washed up closer to the beach before another good Samaritan called Eric Roudaut rushed into help.

The 42-year-old hero from Lannilis, in Finistere, intervened and plucked the three to safety - risking his own life in the process.

The retired couple have not been identified, but are known to be French.

There were no serious injuries, but local coastguards said all were ‘extremely lucky’ to avoid being dragged out further. There was also a danger that they would be knocked out by crashing into the rocks.

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Anonymous said...

They saw the water coming...why did they venture further into it.makes no sense..They were mighty lucky.And that man has courage! What a good soul..risking his life..