Monday, February 29, 2016

Angry Elephant Goes on a Rampage

A raging bull elephant's prolonged tantrum has marred a religious event in south-western India, with the beast destroying several vehicles during a devastating rampage that lasted hours.

The elephant, Devidasan, lost his cool during a festival at Bhagavathi Temple, Kerala, unleashing his frustration on a taxi rank.

The mighty creature smashed up a large tuk-tuk and a small truck, both of which he picked up with his trunk and bashed against the ground, and also flattened several scooters parked in the area.

A pair of mahouts sat on his back for the duration of the rampage, but if their efforts to calm him down were effective, they were slow; it reportedly took hours to soothe Devidasan, who was perhaps suffering a case of "musth" – a testosterone-fuelled rage that periodically besets male elephants.

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