Sunday, January 31, 2016

Surfer Thrown 40ft From Epic Wave

The surf was well and truly up for Tom Dosland last week when he took this tremendous topple from the top of Maui’s famous Pe’ahi (Jaws) wave.

Hawaii is seeing record swells thanks to El Nino, and Dosland was lucky enough to escape unscathed from the fall.

Hawaii has seen huge swells already in January, but last week saw the largest yet as 40ft sets lined up at the famous surfing spot in Maui - even the occasional 50 footer found its way through.

El Nino has been causing extreme weather patterns recently, with the Pacific suffering huge storms. The Californian city of Pacifica has declared a local emergency due to severe cliff erosion caused by El Nino.

For now, at least, El Nino is very much welcomed by the surfers who have flocked to Hawaii’s shores, as the islands see some of their largest waves since 2001.

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