Sunday, January 03, 2016

Raccoon Caught In Cafe Doughnut Heist

A raccoon put his ninja skills to use in a stealthy doughnut-stealing mission at a Canadian cafe. The furry masked thief has been caught in the act by one of the customers,

The raccoon descended from a coffee-shop ceiling, artfully reaching for a shelf full of pastries.

“If he falls out of that hole it’s gonna hurt,” one of the amused onlookers says.

But the raccoon held his own: In seconds, he grabs a doughnut and flees back to the shadows. The whole caper was caught on camera and was shared online.

The doughnut-stealing raccoon was quickly compared to "Pizza Rat" from the New York subway. The rodent captured the world’s attention earlier this year, when it was caught on video dragging a slice of pizza down a series of subway steps.

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