Saturday, January 02, 2016

Havdalah - Eli Bineth & Traveling Chassidim - Keiravtuni

Highlights of the Havdalah done by Eli Bineth and Traveling Chassidim at Shabbos Keiravtuni. Eli Bineth is the co-founder and the Baal Tfilah of the Traveling Chassidim.

The Traveling Chassidim is a group of Chassidic families who travel around the country. They bring with them classic Chassidic warmth and liveliness, and together with the special aura of Shabbos, they form a deep connection with communities, resulting in a Shabbaton that is truly transformational.

Keiravtuni is a fast growing movement that was created with the sole purpose of bringing Yidden closer to Hashem, to their families, friends and communities.

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