Friday, January 01, 2016

Dvar Torah Parshas Shemos

The Power of the Jewish Woman - The Jewish Woman has always been our hero. Oorah's Thursday-Thought series continues with a thought-provoking look at the Torah portion of this week, Parshas Shemos, featuring TorahMates coordinator Mrs Sarah Feldman.

Rabbi Benny's Hilarious Torah Thought - The One With the Tourist "Shemos" If Moshe and Ahron weren't enslaved to Paroh, then why didn't they just enjoy their own freedoms and stop sticking their nose into Egyptian politics? In this hilarious Torah lesson, discover what Moshe teaches us about brotherly love and communal responsibility and how you can practically implement its lessons into your own life.

Shemos - multiple insights to inspire us all | Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry - There are many lessons to be learned from each week's portion of the Torah, especially in this Parsha of Shemos where we are introduced to the savior and leader of the Jewish people, Moshe.

Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Parshas Shemos

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parshas Shemos 5776 - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "What should be your attitude when some one is in trouble?"

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