Saturday, January 09, 2016

Blue Melody - Boruch Sholom - Yedidim Choir

One night in Brooklyn... A closed performance featuring the collaboration of the Blue Melody group and Boruch Sholom. Coming off the release of his debut album and having been a long time composer to the stars of Jewish music, Boruch Sholom's unique style and groove proved to be a perfect fit for Blue Melody. With Mendy Heshkowitz's arrangements, band and artist gave the select audience a true feel for artistry and presentation with songs from "Bishvili," Boruch Sholom's debut album.

Starting with "A Gutta Voch," with it's power and rhythmic movements to the Hartzig melody of "Tefilah L'emoishe" and concluding with the lyrical groove of "Time In My Life," Boruch Sholom and Blue Melody let you relive this incredible evening wherever you are.

Vocals & Compositions: Baruch Sholom
Background Vocals: Yedidim Choir
Music by: Blue Melody
Production: Sonic Duo & Eli Lax
Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by: Mendy Hershkowitz
Additional Post Production: Moshy Kraus
Live Sound: SC Events
Video Shoot & Edit: Motty Engel

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